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Are there Ways of Preventing Aging?

One simply cannot stop the process of aging, but they can however do their best to preserve their quality of life.  A good way to do this is by preventing catching any conditions or diseases that becomes easily acquirable when a person ages.  Nevertheless, the notion of preventing aging is quite controversial.  This is because experts do not really have a standard baseline on how long one can pursue preventive care policies.  The main reason for this is that certain procedures decline as you age and that some of these tests can even lead others to harm.  For example, if a test indicates that the subject is positive even though he does not have the disease, that person will likely be subjected to higher but risky testing. Continue reading

Putting a Cure to Male Pattern Baldness

Baldness is the condition in which you lack hair growing on areas on the scalp where they normally grow.  The truth is there are different types of baldness with male-pattern baldness being the most common type.  This type of baldness is progressive that thins out hair and hairlines as it progresses, and will develop on a good percentage of the male population at a certain point in their lives.  As per statistics, this condition will affect more than 60% of men after sixty years of age.  Most men fear becoming bald and if you have the condition, it will take around twenty years to become completely bald.  In fact, there are some who become completely bald in only five years’ time. Continue reading

Is Vardenafil 20mg Really and Effective Cure against Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is relatively a common disorder for men, but most men somehow avoid talking about it as it is indeed a very embarrassing issue if it were to happen to them.  This issue can be the result of one or multiple issues such as medical issues like diabetes, hypertension, spinal injury, hormonal imbalance, cardiovascular diseases, and sometimes even psychological problems can be the root of the cause.  According to statistics, nearly 30 million men in the US suffer from the disorder and this is in the US alone.  This means that worldwide numbers will easily reach over 100 million. Continue reading