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An Overview About Priligy Dapoxetine

Priligy dapoxetine is the first drug formulated to treat premature ejaculation in men. The drug has been classified as a type of short acting SSRI or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. From the description, priligy dapoxetine acts by inhibiting the serotonin transponder to cause a delay of ejaculation. And since it is only short acting, the priligy dapoxetine drug can be easily eliminated in the body making it an ideal treatment for premature climaxing. Originally, the drug content of priligy dapoxetine was intended to treat depression. However with it modified version to act only for a short time, it makes an ideal PE treatment but not as an antidepressant. The drug priligy dapoxetine was originally manufactured by Eli Lilly pharmaceuticals but was later sold to Johnson and Johnson company. Recently it has been marketed in Europe and Asia, and still on its way for approval in the United States.

What is PE?

PE or premature ejaculation is one of the sexual disorders in men wherein they fail to prolong climax leading to unsatisfactory sexual intercourse. Often times men are estimated to climax at more than 3 minutes. However climaxing less than this time could be a sign of premature ejaculation. Continue reading

Precautions Before Taking Prednisone 20mg

Every drug has its own unique effects on the body, and not everyone might experience the same effects at all. Some people might become more susceptible to the adverse side effects, while others might have negligible side effects. No matter how your body will react to certain medicines, it is very important that you have prior knowledge about patient safety as well as some basic info about the medicine you are about to take. This way you will have knowledge about what to do during treatment and what are the anticipated effects of the drug in your body.

When it comes to the treatment of severe allergies, lupus, and arthritis, most doctors generally prescribe prednisone 20mg. The drug prednisone 20mg is a type of corticosteroid drug that works by reducing inflammations and swelling caused by certain disorders. In general, prednisone 20mg is used for the treatment low corticosteroid symptoms.

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