A Basic Look When Buying Finasteride 5mg Online

Finasteride is a hair loss medication proven to be effective in fighting androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness.  Finasteride is basically the generic form of the popular brand Propecia.  Finasteride is a prescription drug.  The prices of this medication will differ based on brand, even though they have the same formulation.  Even if it is the same brand from the same manufacturer, different pharmacies may impose certain percentages to earn.  Finasteride is also available on online pharmacies

One of the best things about buying from online pharmacies is that they can offer the same type of medication at a much lesser price.  This is mostly because they are not bound by the upkeep of physical stores and that they also do not need to pay rent and staffs.  This is mostly the reason why online pharmacies are able to offer such bargain prices than physical stores.

There is one thing you need to be wary of though when buying from an online merchant and that is shipping.  Some offer free shipping and other don’t, so you need to be ready to settle the shipping cost as well.  Then again, even if you do handle the shipping fee of your parcel, the savings you still get when buying online are significant.

Should you buy Propecia or finasteride?

The dilemma often faced by buyers is whether to go branded or generic.  While it is true that you won’t go wrong with buying branded products, still, the savings you can get from buying a generic one is huge.  The truth is branded medications and generic ones are mostly just the same as they have the same active ingredients, this in essence makes them just as equally effective.  The only reason why many choose branded medications is that it has been instilled upon them that branded medicines are better.

When buying finasteride for hair loss, it is important that you look at the dosage.  This is because finasteride 1mg is made for hair loss and finasteride 5mg is made for benign prostatic hyperplasia.  While both are still finasteride, the difference in doses is what makes them effective on what they intend to cure.  There are others on the other hand who buy finasteride 5mg and just divide the pill into four pieces for use against hair loss.  This means that they will just be ingesting 1.25mg of finasteride, 0.25mg higher than the normal those.  But many doctors think this is acceptable.  It is also more economical, in fact.

Tips When Buying Online

When buying from an online store, particularly an online pharmacy, try to browse for any products you like and try to compare their prices with other online pharmacies.  Once you have managed to locate the e-commerce that offers the best deal, try to research about the website that provides the medication if they have any negative issues or comments regarding how they handles business.  If their business is legitimate and there are no problems or issues with their business, you can go and transact with them, but only a few orders and not bulk ones, just to test them.  If all goes well and you don’t have any problems with their customer service, their security, and the speed of their delivery, then you can do transactions again with them at your most convenient time.