A Brief Look into the Types of Hair Dyes

In the past, looking at the hair color and hair texture of a person proves a reliable way of determining their ethnicity.  These days, this method is no longer reliable due to the advent of hair straightening and hair curling methods as well as hair coloring methods.  The application of hair coloring or hair dyeing is not exactly the turning of one’s back on their ethnicity, these days, it is more of like transforming how you look – for that better appeal.  Of course, the other uses of hair dye would be to conceal gray hair brought about by aging, or to restore any discoloration on the natural hair color.

Hair dyes these days comes in all colors and formulation.  There are popular but expensive brands.  There are also not so popular but cheaper brands.  Regardless of the brand or price of hair dye you are buying, it is important that you understand the formulation of the dye you are getting so you don’t accidentally get a permanent one when supposed to be you just need a temporary one.  The list below shows the common types of hair dyes you can find today:

Permanent – this type of hair dye has both ammonia and peroxide in its mixture.  Permanent hair dyes are great if you want to maintain that type of hair color for a prolonged period.  This means that when hair grows at the roots, all you need to do is apply the same hair dye and hair color at the root, making it easier and more convenient to have.  The main problem with this hair dye is that the color has the tendency to fade when exposed to sun and seawater.  Also, the ingredients contained in the dye can dry the hair strands making them brittle and prone to damage.

Demi-permanent – this type of hair dye has alkaline instead of ammonia in its active ingredients.  Since there is no ammonia, the dye is much safer without much worry about damage.  The best part about this type of dye is that it exudes a more natural look.  The only problem with it though is that you will not be able to find a mixture of it with lighter shades.

Semi-permanent – if you do not intend to have the hair color for a long time, then semi-permanent dye varieties are the best options.  These hair dyes will begin to fade after only 6 washes.  Since its concoction does not contain any ammonia or peroxide, it can be applied on even delicate hairs.  Semi-permanent hair dyes also radiates more natural looks.  Just do not expect it to be able to hide gray or white hair strands.

Temporary – you can find this type of hair dye available in shampoos, gels, foams, and sprays.  When this type of hair dye has been recently applied, you will be able to appreciate its brilliant and vibrant looks.  This hair dye comes in an assortment of shades and colors, but can easily be washed off with just shampoo. Read more: Do You Worry About Becoming Bald due to Your Genetic Inheritance? Use Propecia Generic to Stop Your Worries