Can Finasteride Cause Joint Pains?

Finasteride, the drug that created was meant for the treatment of urinary issues, liver disease, prostate cancer, and particularly benign prostatic hyperplasia.  However, when consumed at low doses, mainly finasteride 1mg, this drug is able to treat androgenic alopecia.  Finasteride is actually a medication that requires prescription and it is given to only those that have certain ailments or issues that finasteride can fix.  And since the drug finasteride happens to be a prescription drug, taking precautions is necessary when taking the drug, especially if you’ve got allergies that finasteride 1mg constitutes of.

The most common complained about side effect in using finasteride 1mg is the lack of sexual drive.  The truth is not all men that are using the medication experience this.  Although this particular side effect cannot be avoided in some, still, since the condition is medication related, ceasing intake of the drug will reverse any side effects that you may be experiencing.  In essence, the side effects are not permanent in nature.  Should the condition worsen, it is highly advised to see your doctor for professional advice.

Other reports of side effects with the usage of finasteride 1mg are breast lumps, breast enlargement, breast pains, nipple discharge, testicular pain, as well as difficulty in urinating.  Such side effects are potentially signs of what may be a more serious condition and visiting your doctor is highly advised.  Allergic reactions towards the drug are the more serious condition that you may experience from taking finasteride 1mg.  If you experience having rash, itching, swelling, vertigo, and difficulty breathing, then you should get immediate medical attention.

Another issue found with the usage of finasteride 1mg is joint pains.  Then again, if you research on the net, most medically oriented websites have no posting about this issue.  Most of the time, the issue regarding the side effect ailment is found on web forums only.  This gives makes this joint pain issue somewhat of a remote side effect only.

Additional Information

Finasteride comes in two doses, finasteride 5mg or Proscar is meant to treat benign prostatic hypertrophy and prostate cancer.  Finasteride 1mg or Propecia on the other hand is meant to treat male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia.

There are actually only 2 drugs that the FDA of America approved in treating androgenic alopecia and one of them is finasteride 1mg.   This drug is actually very effective when it comes to treating hair loss.  This is because finasteride 1mg does not treat hair loss condition at the scalp, but at the root cause of the problem – the hormones.

Basically, what finasteride 1mg does is that it prevents the creation of the dihydrotestosterone hormone, the one responsible for the thinning out of hair, by preventing the enzyme 5-alpha reductase into converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone.  This is what makes finasteride 1mg very effective towards the treatment of androgenic alopecia.

If you are using finasteride 1mg, be sure to take it regularly.  Otherwise, all the medication you have consumed will be for naught if you decide to cease usage for a while.  Once you start taking the medication again, it will be like starting all over again.