Diagnostic Tests for Verifying Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction or more commonly called as impotence, as a male condition where he is unable to get an erection long and hard enough sufficient for participating in sexual activity.  There are actually a number of factors that contribute to this condition and each may vary between patients.  While the treatment of this condition is no longer far-fetched as there are now many medically and technologically-inspired ways to treat this condition, the diagnosis for this condition is nevertheless important.

When it comes to treating erectile dysfunction, knowing what causes it is equally important.  Doctors and medical researchers have come up with several diagnostic tests to determine what may basically cause your erectile dysfunction.  The list below shows some of the possible diagnostics to further determine if you really have erectile dysfunction.

  1. Past Medical History – if you have any medical history such as a spinal injury or some type of diseases such as diabetes, prostate cancer, or kidney disease, all these can cause erectile dysfunction.
  2. Hormonal Imbalance – by testing this, your doctor may find out if you have a significant decrease in your libido, a reason which may explain your erectile dysfunction.
  3. Medications – there are a number of medications which can actually cause erectile dysfunction.  Your doctor may want to review all the types and names of medications you are taking or have taken in the past.  This will help him isolate if you are indeed taking or have taken such medication which now causes you to have erectile dysfunction.
  4. Vascular Disorder – by checking if you have any issue with your circulatory system, such as hypertension, hypotension, heart ailments, or poor blood circulation, your doctor may be able to eliminate other possibilities which cause erectile dysfunction.  The Doppler ultrasound will aid in testing the network of your penis to check if blood flows normally in your penis or not.
  5. Physical Examination – your erectile issues may actually come from medical issues regarding your penis itself, or perhaps your testicles.  Through physical examination, your doctor may be able to see if there are any low-lying issues on both.
  6. Nocturnal Penile Tumescence Test – it is a known fact that male will have some sort of erection while they are sleeping.  This type of erection is involuntary, so if you have erectile dysfunction, this test will suggest if your disorder is physically or psychologically.  By undergoing this test as you sleep, your doctor will be able to analyze whether you get an erection or not in your sleep.
  7. Sex Partner – if you are not sexually interested or attracted to your sex partner, then it is possible that you will not have an erection.

The most common treatment that your doctor will likely give you should you really have erectile dysfunction would be oral medications like Tadalafil 20mg.  Generic Tadalafil is actually a very effective male penile impotence treatment as it allows you to get an erection truly fit for sexual intercourse.  You must remember however that the medication alone will not give you an erection but that you need to be sexually stimulated to achieve it.