Don’t Bother with Other ED Meds Because Avanafil is All You Need

When you suffer from a condition called erectile dysfunction (ED), it is likely that you feel uncomfortable talking about it or even telling your friends about it.  This is because erectile dysfunction is such an embarrassing condition that the one true part that makes you a man no longer has its function.  Fortunately for you there are now effective ED medications like avanafil to help alleviate you of your erectile problems even for just a few hours so you can successfully engage in sexual intercourse.

Avanafil is the newest ED drug to be released in the market.  In fact, it just had its FDA approval last April of 2012 which means it is nearly a decade late from the last time an ED treatment drug was released.  Despite being a latecomer in the ED market, what makes you want to buy avanafil is that this actual drug has undergone extensive research and development so that many of the known side effects that you feel or encounter from using ED medications are less likely to be experienced.  Those who went to buy avanafil for the first time and used the drug will attest to this.

Prior to avanafil’s release, there have been questions on whether a new ED treatment drug was really needed.  However, when the drug was actually released, many of the skeptics now agree that it is a worthy contender for being the most effective ED medication in the market.  Those who were brave enough to buy avanafil upon its release have now become loyal and strictly avanafil users.  They claim that they are happy they went to buy avanafil because they have experienced first-hand just how effective the drug is in treating their penile problems and how safe it is as they hardly experience any of the known side effects from using ED meds.  Due to the pleasant experiences that many have with using avanafil, other people are now coming to buy avanafil to have a feel for themselves what other people had attested to about avanafil.  All those who went to buy avanafil and tried the drug themselves have all now become avanafil users because for them, avanafil is not only effective and safe, but they also claim that avanafil give them a more natural-feeling erection.

PDE5 Inhibitor Precautions

Avanafil, like Viagra, tadalafil, and vardenafil, are PDE5 inhibitor drugs.  Even though they have different active ingredients, they are classified under this group because they all share the same mechanism of action – the relaxing of a certain blood vessel to enable blood to be pumped effectively through cavities within the penis.  For this reason, all PDE5 inhibitors have or share the same reactions against other drugs.

When using avanafil or other ED drugs for that matter, it is important never to take nitrate medications, the sort of medications that helps control or lower blood pressure.  All PDE5 inhibitors are themselves capable of lowering blood pressure.  If you take these ED medications along with nitrates, it can result in a very low blood pressure that can be very dangerous and lethal if not immediate medical intervention is applied.  If you buy avanafil, never use it with nitrate medicines.