Erectile Dysfunction and Its Causes in Young Men

Erectile dysfunction is more commonly known as impotence for the majority of the populace.  This medical condition involves only the male gender and the disorder evolve around the penis along with their inability to make it or keep it hard enough for sexual intercourse.  This kind of disorder is actually common for males who are in their senior years in life.  However, its occurrence in young males are rarely seen – an issue that would oftentimes lead to relationship problems.  Such condition in a young man would not only hurt his pride, but also his self-confidence by a huge margin.

Male penile impotence can actually be looked at its three stages of severity – the complete inability to gain an erection, the ability to gain an erection but not long enough to sustain it, and the ability to get an erection but not hard enough for penetration.  These three stages are all involved with the symptoms concerning erectile dysfunction, both in older and younger males.

How can young males develop erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction in young men can actually be caused by multitude of factors involving, but not limited to, psychological, physical, diseases, hormonal, surgery, injury, and emotional.  Any type of disruption involving the passing of signals from the brain, nerve damage from injury, surgery, or disease, to the non-relaxing of muscles in the penis to allow blood to be pumped through can all cause erectile dysfunction.  In fact, even the simplest feeling of guilt can sometimes even cause impotence, although not permanent.

Psychological – this is where that feeling of guilt fits in.  Other psychological factors would include depression, anxiety, stress, and fear.  All of these factors can sometimes play a big factor in attaining an erection during sexual intercourse.  Young men, particularly when it is their first time to have sex, sometimes cannot achieve an erection because they are nervous, don’t know what to do, or simply wants to please their partner but do not know how.  Another reason for young men to have temporary erectile dysfunction may be fear within them in getting their partner pregnant.  There are in fact a multitude of reasons when it comes to psychological type of erectile dysfunction.

Medical – this type of erectile dysfunction involves diseases, surgery and the overall health condition of person.  This is in fact a very serious condition which is why they need to be addressed immediately.  Diabetes, kidney problems, prostate cancer and surgical removal, obesity, hypertension and other heart-related diseases, medications, and low testosterone levels can all contribute to penile impotence.

How do you treat this penile erectile condition?

The most common treatment nowadays for erectile dysfunction are oral medications such as vardenafil.  This oral medication addresses the main issue of impotence by letting the muscle that surrounds a cavity inside the penis to relax to allow blood to be pumped inside this cavity.  While this is a very effective way in helping achieve erection, but unless you are sexually stimulated you will not get any type of erection.  Other types of treatments would involve injections and surgical implants.  Injections are effective when oral medications do not work.  However, they are more invasive and will leave your penis with scarring.  Implants on the other hand will not give you a true erection, but an erection nevertheless that is capable of penetration.  The main issue with implants though is infection.