Is Vardenafil 20mg Really and Effective Cure against Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is relatively a common disorder for men, but most men somehow avoid talking about it as it is indeed a very embarrassing issue if it were to happen to them.  This issue can be the result of one or multiple issues such as medical issues like diabetes, hypertension, spinal injury, hormonal imbalance, cardiovascular diseases, and sometimes even psychological problems can be the root of the cause.  According to statistics, nearly 30 million men in the US suffer from the disorder and this is in the US alone.  This means that worldwide numbers will easily reach over 100 million.

There are actually different types of treatments available for ED such as surgical implants, vacuum constriction devices, and transurethral injections.  However, these are not just invasive and painful, but the procedure can also be very expensive.  This is why most patients stop using these alternative treatments and instead accept their fate – to go on living with penile erection issues.

These days however, aside from surgery, injections, and mechanical devices, there are now oral medications which can be used for the treatment of ED, well, at least long enough to partake in sexual intercourse as the treatment is not permanent.  Nevertheless, it still beats painful, expensive, and invasive methods.

The truth is there are still a number of men who are wary of trying oral medications themselves.  However, once they become educated on what makes vardenafil 20mg work, they become more open to using them.

In a study conducted for the Journal of Andrology, it was found out that the use of vardenafil 20mg was very effective.  If for some chance that the subject did not achieve an erection during the first try, the next try or an increase in dosage will help them to attain it, thus, making the drug truly effective when it comes to treating ED.

If you have ED and you intend to use vardenafil 20mg, it is first important that you consult with your physician about it.  Through your consultation, your doctor will be able to diagnose properly what causes your erectile disorder and possibly prescribe you with treatments so you can have use of your unit.  Once you have been prescribed your medications, always remember that the drug you have been prescribed with is meant for you so do not share your meds with anybody, particularly with men who do not suffer from the same condition you do as this will result in an adverse side effects which may be long term and irreparable.

When taking vardenafil 20mg, make sure to follow the directions of your physician carefully.  Never take more than one dose per day as this may result in overdosage.  Should you accidentally overdose, call your physician immediately so he can give you proper advice.  If you notice any chest pains or visual changes, stop whatever activity you are doing and call your doctor immediately.  If have a prolonged and painful erection, make sure to seek medical attention immediately as this condition is called priapism and may lead to lasting damage if not attended to.